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Debbie is RUTHLESS! Interview with Ruben – 90 Day Fiancé

Debbie is RUTHLESS! Interview with Ruben - 90 Day Fiancé

In this candid interview, Ruben sheds light on the tumultuous events surrounding his relationship with Debbie, revealing the truth behind the accusations and his future plans.

  1. Meeting Debbie Amidst Personal Turmoil: Ruben recounts encountering Debbie on an international dating app during a challenging period while caring for his mother battling pancreatic cancer. Despite initial reluctance, their conversations sparked a connection.
  2. Persuaded to Join the Show: Debbie persuaded Ruben to participate in a reality TV show, citing a need to find a partner and a shared passion for a wildlife art project aimed at supporting mental health initiatives. Despite reservations about TV exposure, Ruben was swayed by the project’s noble cause.
  3. Debbie’s Scam Allegations: Debbie accused Ruben of scamming after he initiated a GoFundMe campaign to aid a friend facing dire housing issues. Ruben refutes the claims, emphasizing his transparent intentions and genuine desire to help others, citing evidence of his efforts and financial contributions.
  4. Character Insights: Ruben reflects on Debbie’s behavior, highlighting discrepancies between her public persona and private actions. He questions her motives, particularly regarding her own fundraising endeavors and past relationships, suggesting a pattern of exploitation.
  5. Future Outlook: Despite the ordeal, Ruben expresses a desire to move forward, emphasizing his commitment to integrity and reluctance to pursue further television exposure. He urges viewers to discern reality from televised portrayals and vows to maintain his ethical principles.

By sharing his side of the story, Ruben seeks to set the record straight and reclaim his reputation, urging viewers to scrutinize media narratives and support genuine causes.

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