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The secret is revealed! Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki aren’t filming for the new season? Busby-Mills feud rumors explained!

The Busby’s extraordinary story about raising quintuplets took the nation by storm in OutDaughtered. As a result, viewers couldn’t get enough of all the daughters’ cuteness and instantly became fond of the family. Apart from the Busbys being the main cast members, their close friends and family have also been part of the show. This includes the Mills family, i.e., Danielle Busby’s sister Crystal and her husband, Dale. However, there is allegedly a fight going on between them. Keep reading to know more.

OutDaughter: The Busbys Don’t Hang Out With Uncle Dale & Aunt Kiki Anymore? Feud Going On?

There is never a dull day in the Busby household. Well, why would there be? The lovely quints are the heart and soul of the family. As a result, the reality TV family never fails to update their fans about the same through social media posts. So, both mama and papa Busby often use their Instagram handles to share adorable updates about their lovely daughters. Apart from this, the family would often hang out with their relatives, i.e., The Mills family.

Wait, What Happened To Uncle Dale & Aunt KiKi Mills' Dog Kobe?

Apparently, Danielle Busby’s sister and her husband Dale acted as babysitters oftentimes. Moreover, the couple has been really good at taking care of the quints. Hence, the OutDaughtered fanbase loves their bond dearly, especially the one Dale has with Hazel. However, there seems to be trouble in paradise lately. That’s because neither the Busby nor the Mills have put up posts about spending time together.

Well, there are no major hints about any possible fight between the Busbys and Mills. Viewers still find it odd how both these families immediately became distanced over social media. Yet, TV Season & Spoilers reports that these are merely speculations on the internet, as neither of the cast members went on record to confirm this possibility.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Quits Filming With The Busbys?

OutDaughters became an instant hit at its premiere. Moreover, viewers were quite fascinated to find out how two parents make it work and take care of their six adorable daughters. Apart from the cuteness quotient, the show also had a lot of funny moments. That’s because the quints’ Uncle Dale made a special place for himself in the audience’s hearts owing to his goofy self and charming persona. Hence, they love seeing the new cast member in the series.

However, the Busbys took to their social media to reveal they were going on a temporary break. Hence, viewers will have to wait a little longer to see the new OutDaughtered season. As the popular family won’t be filming for the new show, even Uncle Dale won’t be a part of the productions for now. However, the popular parents have not yet shed light on when the show will be back. Despite this, their fans were quite supportive of the decision and urged them to enjoy their break. Keep checking TV Season & Spoilers for more such Outdaughtered news.

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