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Very Sad News For Fans😭90 Day FiancĂ©:Are David Dangerfield & Sheila Mangubat Still Together In 2024?

David Dangerfield and Sheila Mangubat have undergone significant developments since their appearance on “90 Day FiancĂ©: Before the 90 Days.” Their journey, starting with an online meeting and culminating in an engagement, has been marked by challenges and triumphs. David’s visit to the Philippines revealed Sheila’s living conditions and the tragedy of her mother’s passing, adding complexity to their relationship. Despite initial hurdles, they overcame insecurities and got engaged during a romantic getaway. However, bureaucratic obstacles delayed their plans, leading to a long-distance relationship with Sheila remaining in the Philippines. In March 2024, David reunited with Sheila, sharing their joy with fans on social media. Addressing pregnancy rumors, David clarified their weight gain was due to their shared love for food. Both have undergone positive transformations, with Sheila showcasing newfound confidence and David initiating a fundraiser for a home. Their story reflects resilience, love, and the challenges of long-distance relationships amidst visa complexities.

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