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Shaeeda Finally ‘BREAKUP’ With Bilal💔! Why😭? What Happened Next🤔?

Shaeeda Finally 'BREAKUP' With Bilal💔! Why😭? What Happened Next🤔? -  YouTube

In the latest episode of “V America” with Lucy, viewers were treated to an unexpected update on the relationship status of 90 Day Fiancé couple, Belal Hais and Shaya Sween. The public sighting of the couple has shed light on their current situation, especially following a tragic miscarriage.

Shaya Sween, a 38-year-old from Trinidad and Tobago, rose to fame during her appearance on 90 Day Fiancé Season 9. Moving to America to marry Bilal, whom she met online, their journey was fraught with challenges. Trust issues arose, exacerbated by a prank Bilal played on Shaya regarding financial motives. Despite their differences, they navigated through their dramatic relationship.

Recently, a fan’s sighting at the Eden Center in Toronto, Canada, captured Belal and Shaya shopping together. While their purpose for visiting Canada remains undisclosed, they were spotted celebrating Eid Al-Fitr, marking the end of Ramadan. Although absent from new spin-offs since “Happily Ever After” Season 7, the couple maintains a presence on social media, sharing glimpses of their life as influencers.

Shaya’s desire to start a family clashed with Bilal’s hesitation, leading to speculation about their future. However, despite the heartbreaking loss of their baby in February 2023, the couple remains together and content. Contrary to predictions of a breakup due to their personalities, they’ve defied expectations, captivating fans with Shaya’s fashion posts and Bilal’s thriving real estate career.

Meanwhile, another 90 Day Fiancé star, Angela Deem, finds herself in turmoil after her Nigerian husband, Michael, vanished. Despite their tumultuous relationship, Angela felt blindsided by Michael’s disappearance and subsequent betrayal. Through cryptic Instagram posts, she expresses her pain and anger, contemplating divorce and Michael’s deportation.

Angela’s health has suffered amidst the turmoil, with her weight dropping significantly. Despite this, she asserts her newfound independence and resilience, as evidenced by her TikTok presence and rumored romance with co-star Scott Wor. As the saga unfolds, fans eagerly await further developments in these captivating 90 Day Fiancé stories.

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