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Blind Drunk! Garrison & Leon Brown’s Dad Kody Brown Drops Shocking News! Sister Wives Season 18

Blind Drunk! Garrison & Leon Brown's Dad Kody Brown Drops Shocking News! Sister  Wives Season 18 - YouTube

Welcome to Sister Wives 4A channel! As the cast copes with the tragic loss of Garrison Brown, who recently passed away by suicide, the family is adjusting to a new reality. Leon Brown and his partner Audrey Chris have been showing signs of healing, sharing moments of happiness on social media. Despite the family’s grief, they are coming together to support one another.

Janelle Brown seems to be particularly affected by Garrison’s passing, expressing her grief on social media. Meanwhile, Mary Brown, who has been more private on social media, has sparked speculation about her relationship with Leon and the rest of the family.

Fans have also noticed the family’s dynamics, especially during Garrison’s memorial service, where seating arrangements seemed to indicate tension or distance between certain family members. However, Mary’s presence at significant family events, including the funeral and memorial, suggests that she is still regarded as part of the family.

Isabel Brown, another family member, has shared her grief over Garrison’s passing, posting heartfelt tributes on social media. The family has also shared memories and moments with Garrison, including Christine Brown, who shared old photos and videos of Garrison.

As the family continues to navigate this difficult time, fans are showing support and love for the Browns. The loss of Garrison has deeply affected the family, but they are finding ways to honor his memory and support each other through this challenging time.

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