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BIG NEWS SHOCKING UPDATE NEWS! KODY BREAKUP 😭 For Janelle Brown Drops Percent Robyn Brown will shock

BIG NEWS SHOCKING UPDATE NEWS! KODY BREAKUP 😭 For Janelle Brown Drops  Percent Robyn Brown will shock - YouTube

Dear viewers, welcome to the Sister Wives drama YouTube channel. Cody Brown, a star of the show, is grappling with the profound loss of his son, Garrison Brown. However, his grief is not only affecting his mental well-being but also straining his relationships, particularly with his wife, Robin Brown.

The tragic death of Garrison has plunged the entire family into sorrow, with Cody struggling to come to terms with the loss. Reports indicate that Cody has descended into a dark place, battling with a secret mental health crisis that is exacerbating marital issues with Robin.

According to sources close to the family, Cody’s mental state has deteriorated significantly, leaving Robin feeling helpless in her attempts to alleviate his pain. Despite her efforts, their marital problems are escalating, as Cody’s grief spills over into their relationship, pushing Robin aside.

The strain on their marriage is evident, with Cody blaming Robin for his problems, further complicating their already fragile bond. Some speculate that Cody’s guilt over his estranged relationship with Garrison before his death could ultimately lead to the downfall of his marriage to Robin.

Prior to Robin joining the family, Cody’s marriages were not without their difficulties. Financial hardships and interpersonal issues plagued the family even before the show aired, suggesting underlying dysfunction within the family dynamics.

In summary, Cody Brown’s undisclosed mental health crisis poses a significant threat to the stability of his family, with his struggles reverberating through his relationships, particularly with Robin. As the family navigates this challenging time, the future of their union remains uncertain.

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