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Angela Deem won’t return to the show after 90 day fiance the last resort

Angela Deem has been a regular in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise for many years, but 90 Day: The Last Resort may be her final season. Back In 2018, she made her debut alongside her Nigerian partner Michael Ilesanmi on before the 90 days season 1, however since then, Michael was blocked and stalled by the US embassy in Nigeria, and there are no guarantees about whether he will get his visa or not.

Angela and Michael’s return to the franchise’s latest spinoff 90 Day: The Last Resort was unnecessary. Nothing new was happening between them, and they will always have the same problems which they had in the last 3 years, as long as they are still in a long distance marriage. Except for now, Instead of watching Angela abuse Michael on TV, the viewers will be watching her abuse other fellow cast members, because that’s who she is, a trailer trash bully.
Although Angela was never a fan favorite, the TLC producers still love to cast her again and again, because her trashiness and craziness bring more views to the show, and viewership is what the TV network cares about the most.
The thing is, Angela and her Nigerian price have been married since 2020, but because of pandemic and Michael’s questionable behavior, his spousal visa is often refused or postponed. Angela is always debating whether she should stay with Michael during her time on the show. She has even contemplated revoking his visa application because she no longer sees a future with him. As a result, Angela’s presence in the franchise appears to be needless at this point, unless she divorces her husband and start dating new people on 90 day the single life.
Each year, Angela’s behavior is getting worse and out of hand. She’s a dangerous person who isn’t scared of getting into a physical confrontation with who opposes her, and it’s a miracle how she managed to not get arrested in the last couple of years, especially after beating her best friend Jennifer in a hotel Lobby during their last trip to New York.

It’s a fact that Angela Deem is one of the most famous 90 Day Fiancé cast members, but being famous doesn’t mean she’s likable. The 58 year old grandma is not only disliked by the show fans, but also by other cast members like Liz, Yara and Usman “Soja Boy” and maybe more. There are other cast members who dislike her, but they are hiding it, because they prefer living in peace instead of poking the bear and suffering the consequence of that on national TV.

Obviously, the 90 day fiancé franchise is better off without Angela, and the show won’t stop when she leaves or gets fired, because other cast members who are more likable and famous can bring views to the already popular reality tv show.

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