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’90 Day Fiance’ Stacey Silva Shares Disease She Overcomes Daily

90 Day Fiance alum Stacey Silva is opening up about the disease that she has to overcome daily. The twin sister of Darcey Silva was recently rushed to the hospital. So, what is going on with her health today and how does she manage it? Read on for more details.

90 Day Fiance's Stacey Silva 'Recovering' After Kidney Surgery | In Touch  Weekly

90 Day Fiance Stacey Silva Shares Disease She Overcomes Daily

Fans first met Stacey Silva when her twin sister, Darcey Silva was on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. She was first looking for love with Jesse Meester from Amsterdam. Then, she found Tom Brooks but that fell flat and the ladies ended up getting their own spinoff, Darcey and Stacey. Darcey had a new man, Georgi Rusev while Stacey was planning a wedding to her longtime love, Florian Sukaj. It has been a long and interesting journey for the fashion designers. They are most well known for undergoing twin makeovers in Turkey to get “snatched.”

Darcey and Stacey Silva/YouTube


Sadly, followers feel they have gone way too far and are unrecognizable. There is no word if their show will be renewed for Season 5 but it is not looking promising. This might be for the best as Stacey was hospitalized in January 2024, being rushed there and undergoing an emergency procedure on her kidney. Luckily, she pulled through just fine but there is more to her health that needs to be addressed. Apparently, Stacey has vitiligo, a skin disease. This came out in a Reddit thread:

This was an amazing revelation but followers had questions. Stacey Silva says she wants to be a spokesperson someday yet she had the perfect forum on her television show:

  • What she doing the last 3+ years when had a platform on a TV show?
  • This would have been a very good idea on her part 4 years ago when she first appeared on TV
  • Yeah like she should be a spokesperson for self acceptance.
  • It would be great if she could be the spokesperson for vitiligo, but she covers it up look at that supermodel that doesn’t cover up hers

Wrong Choice

Some people who were a part of the Reddit thread also had vitiligo and shared that they were also made fun of for this. One had this to say:

  • I have vitiligo on my right eyebrow and a tiny triangle on my forehead. Thats what I get made fun of for, not the hundreds of thousands of dollars of plastic surgery I’ve undergone to make myself look like a Crank Yankers puppet.

It appears that they could not have sympathy for Stacey Silva when there are real autoimmune diseases that people struggle with. They do not bring them on themselves. Then, there are Darcey and Stacey who willingly overdo the plastic surgery and then get mocked for what they do. It is a very fine line. Many just wished that Stacey had spent her time on her show being open and honest about what she had been dealing with. That is real life and relatable. Unfortunately, she didn’t, and now, no one really feels all that bad for her.

Did you have any idea that Stacey Silva had vitiligo? More so, do you wish she had been transparent from the beginning? Let us know in the comments below.

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